America's oldest church bell company since 1856

Honoring the American tradition of bronze church bell casting, ringing peals, chimes, and carillons for the ages.

Church bell ringing and automatic bell tower ringing applications are our specialty.

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Our digital bell systems boast amazingly realistic sounds of bells. No tapes, no CD, no moving drive.

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We can help shape your project around your budget and specific ringing applications.

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Since 1856, McShane Bell Foundry has been producing America’s finest Church Bells, Chimes and Carillons.

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Ready to start your custom bell project?


McShane Bell Company is proud to continue our tradition of producing the finest bronze church bells, peals, chimes and bell carillons for more than 164 years.


Over 300,000 McShane church bells ring out from the towers of cathedrals, church towers, municipal buildings, universities, town halls, and schools.



Our programmable digital bell systems produce the sounds of up to 64 bells at once, creating the authentic sound of large cast bells and real carillons anywhere.



America's finest bell and chime makers the world has ever heard.

Expert On-site Installation

Dedicated Service Team

Bell Tower Assessments

Used & Reconditioned Bells

Maintenance & Repair

Bell Parts

Designing & Planning

Designing and planning for a chime or a carillon involves a lot of experience and we're here to help you with your design, planning, fabrication and installation process.

Maintenance & Repair

We offer installation using our own in-house installers that will come to site and install a small part for your bell or a turnkey bell carillon for your university carillon, church bell tower, or community bell.

Experienced Bell Makers

When ordering a new bell from us, we work with you to carefully customize your bell or bells to your unique needs, whether the final destination is a church, university, cathedral or anything else you have in mind!

Timeless Quality

Mr. Henry McShane, 

Dear Sir: - The Chime of nine Bells furnished by you for the Church of which I am Pastor, gives me entire satisfaction. The Bells are rich in tone and far surpass my expectations. All classes of citizens admire the Chime, and the press is unstinted in its praise. You may refer any patrons you may expect to me, and believe me of yourself and firm, a sincere friend and admirer. Yours truly, 

Richard J. Barry
Hyde Park, Mass.
December 3, 1883

Very peasant people to communicate with, extremely helpful and engaging... World class service, very giving of their time. 

- Sam P.

Our bell was cast in 1882 and still rings as beautifully as it did back then. 

- Charles III

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February 8, 2022

Bell towers have been fixtures in places of religion, courthouses, town squares, and many other places for hundreds of years. Where once bells were rung by deacons or other important figures, these days may bells run automatically. Even so, custom bells and bell towers are still beautiful pieces of art in cities, towns, and villages […]

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