Digital Systems

The amazingly realistic sounds of bells. No tapes, no CD, no moving drive.

Digital Bell Systems

We offer three types of digital bell systems (or electronic bell systems as they are sometimes called). Our Tempora and Apollo Digital Bell Systems offer a variety of different options to choose from and you can either purchase the digital bell controller as a standalone unit if you already have speakers or we can supply a turnkey digital bell system.

Benefits of our Digital Bell Sound Systems:

  • Bell sounds are digitally recorded onto the solid state drive of our electronic bell systems.
  • No tapes that can stretch out and no CD’s to change
  • Programmable to the client’s needs and desires
  • Amazingly low cost compared to new cast bells

By using a solid state drive, we are able to ring and resonate up to 32 bells at one time so that your desired tune sounds like it is being played on a real bell carillon instead of an electronic carillon system. Our built in synthesizer gives priority to the resonance of heavier bells so they will not ‘shut off’ during playing time. Like real carillons, larger bells resonate longer. This is the same in our digital bell systems and carillon bell systems.

Examples of bell functions available on our digital bell controllers: Pealing of bells, tolling of bells, playing of melodies, Westminster chimes, holiday tunes, funeral toll, wedding peal, call to prayer and much more.

Apollo Digital Carillon Bell System

Our Apollo Digital Carillon System is also known as an electronic carillon or digital carillon. This system comes with an array of 64 bell notes covering 5 octaves from C1 to Re#. In other terms, notes from a 16 pound bell all the way up to a 6,000 pound bell. If you choose to play even larger bells, the Apollo digital carillon can transpose notes to larger bell sounds up to a 30,000 pound bell. 10 of these bell notes can be chosen to recreate the sound of real swinging bells. Our digital carillon is capable of recreating the Doppler Effect similar to the moving sound sources heard on real swinging bells.

This electronic carillon system can be purchased as a turnkey package complete with speakers and amplifier or as a standalone unit. The speakers we provide with this unit are 800 watt, weatherproof speakers and can be upgraded to larger speakers depending on your application. Purchase 1 speaker or up to 4 speakers to be heard from a clock tower, church belfry, or town center.

Electronic carillon options:

  • MIDI keyboard to play tunes live or record and save them for later playback
  • Speech board to record and playback other non-bell sounds such as a tune or message
  • Remote control to start and stop up to 9 programs from a distance.

Apollo III Digital Carillon Bell System

Our Apollo III Digital Carillon System can be accessed via mobile app or desktop to manage.

Tempora Electronic Bell System

The Tempora Electronic bell system comes with a range of 26 bells from a high bell note of G3 to a deeper bell note of F1. This bell system is ideal for courtyards, small plazas, store fronts, street clocks, residential applications and more. With its small size it can fit just about anywhere.

With the option to purchase our electronic bell system as a stand alone bell system, this is the most cost effective option as it gives the end user the ability to reuse or purchase their own speakers. An RCA output comes standard on our Tempora digital bell system for easy installation and hookup.

The speakers we provide with our carillon bell system are compact, weatherproof, and can stand up to any of the elements outdoors.

They come in white and black but can also be painted any color you desire. This unit also comes with 4 standard outputs to control either existing bells or clocks at the same time enabling you to tie your new electronic bell system into an existing clock or bell seamlessly.

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