Striking & Automation

Church bell ringing and automatic bell tower ringing applications are our specialty.

Automated Bell Ringing & Bell Strikers

Whether you are looking for a swinging bell ringing system or a stationary bell ringer for your bell tower or church, we can assist you in the design and installation of a custom solution!

Bell strikers can be controlled by three different types of controllers for automated ringing. Automated bell strikers are ideal for towers and churches where difficult bell tower access or convenience demand an automated bell striking solution.

1) Internal Bell Strikers

2) External Bell Strikers

3) Rope Pulled Strikers

4) Electromagnetic Strikers for Carillons

We're experts at creating the perfect automatic church bell ringers for your building.

The most glorious bells in the world cannot make a sound without the hammer of a striking mechanism. Whether a single aged church bell or modern carillon, bell strikers are the necessary object to produce the unique sounds of the bell. Strikers can be internal or external, manual or automated, and made for a swinging or stationary bell.

Automatic Church Bell Ringer Options

Here are options available for bell strikers, quality made by McShane Bell Company.

Internal Bell Strikers

Internal bell strikers are used only on stationary bells. These are an option if you do not want to have a striker visible, or if the bell does not have the physical room for an external bell striker. McShane Bell Company also provides custom-built internal strikers to fit the dimensions of bells and to help them stay concealed. These strikers can be placed on bells from 16 pounds up to 30,000 pounds. Because every bell is unique, each internal striker is specifically crafted to fit the specific bell.

By placing a striker on the inside of your bell, you can give your bell a clean professional look with all the power to strike your bell to produce a rich, clear bell tone. If you're looking at adding a striker to the inside of your bell, we'll send you a bell measurement sheet in order for you to give us the proper measurements required to customize a striker setup just for your specific bell. Each bell is different and not all strikers are the same. That is why proper measurements are needed in order to get the best sound out of your bell while maintaining the integrity of your bell and frame.

With an internal bell striker, you can still automate your bell striking with one of our optional three bell control units.

External Bell Strikers

An external bell striker can be used on either a stationary or swinging bell. Mounting plates are included and can be welded to fit the needs of your existing bell(s). If you have a stationary bell, you can place this striker on the outside of the bell where there is plenty of room in your bell tower or when it should remain out of sight. External bell strikers placed outside of swinging bells don't interfere with their swinging. These strikers are normally easier to install than internal bell strikers and can be placed in a number of different locations around the bell depending on the current setup of your bell or bell tower.

Rope Pulled Strikers

Rope pulled strikers can be placed on the inside or outside or your bell depending on what you are trying to achieve. We can upgrade old pull strikers with a newer stronger pull striker. With our pull strikers, you can either pull a rope manually, or the bell can be rung with the use of a controller.

Electromagnetic Strikers for Carillons

McShane Bell Company also manufactures quality electromagnetic strikers specifically designed for carillon bells. These fast-acting electromagnets offer quick action while playing. The strikers we provide are made with hot dipped galvanized stainless steel and come with electromagnets as opposed to solenoids. The only moving piece on these strikers is the pivot point so these are low maintenance and low amp draw compared to solenoid type strikers.

Call McShane Bell Company has been America’s bell specialist since 1856. Our work can be heard around the U.S. and around the world. Our amazing craftsmen still honor the tradition of bronze church bell casting, ringing peals, chimes, carillons, and yes, strikers. Call today at (410) 636-4390 to start your project.

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