Bell Swinging

Our bell swinging motors can fully automate the swinging of your bell or bells using sensors in our bell swinging motors which will send feedback to our automated bell control unit.

Bell Swinging Motors for Towers and Churches

Our programmable bell swinging motor can swing very large bells to very small bells. The swinging motor can regulate the force with which the clapper strikes each side of the bell. Both the starting and stopping of the bell is completely controlled using our bell swinging control unit.

The bell and bell structure will be protected against damage due to improper or hard bell ringing for years to come. With a number of different bells, the microprocessor can control each bell individually based on its size, weight, and mounting. The bell swinging unit will also regulate the degree of swing for each bell eliminating the chance of a double clap or the clapper staying on the bell too long, muffling the bell stroke due to improper swinging angles (making it a great church bell swinging system).

Our bell swinging automation motor also does not require much maintenance at all due to the limited amount of moving parts inside, so no oiling or greasing of the motor. This motor is also very compact and can fit into any space at the same level as the bell. No need for ropes or wires between bell levels.

Automated Swinging Motor Benefits:

  • The sound of real swinging bells without the need for ropes
  • Controlled automated swinging
  • Timed to swing at preprogrammed times set by the user
  • Eliminates noise associated with older bell swinging units
  • Safety-protects the bell and tower

Safety Features:

The bell swinging system will stop swinging if any limits that have been set are exceeded protecting the bell, the tower, and the swinging motor and wheel. If the sensor detects the chain has either slipped or has become damaged and is in danger of swinging from bell tower, the sensor will shut off the bell swinging motor to protect the motor from damaging itself (the ideal church bell swinging system).

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