Church Bell Repair

We can restore a bell back to working order by making your historic bells swing again for the first time in years!

Church Bell Maintenance and Bell Restoration

We offer bell church bell repair using our own in-house installers that will come to site and install parts for your bell or turnkey bell carillon for your university, church bell tower, or community bell.

Quality & Safety

Installing your bell and bell systems, we will coordinate with the proper trades to ensure a smooth and cost effective installation process. By using in house installers, we can ensure a quality installation while providing the proper tools to do the job. Our installers are bonded and insured to give you peace of mind. By not outsourcing to a "company representative" we can ensure quality with our name behind every bell installation. If you prefer to install yourself, we advise on installation as well as help you remedy any problems that may arise during the construction phase of your bell project.

Bell Restoration

We can restore a bell back to working order by making your bells swing again for the first time in years, welding a bell to fix it, or recasting a broken bell. Wheels and frames can also be restored back to a new condition depending on the requirements of your bell restoration project and we can fabricate or replace any bell parts you need.

Church Bell Repair Services

McShane specializes in church bell repair services, refinishing, and restoring church bells that grace traditional steeples across the United States. Our clients include universities, colleges, courthouses and more, often with one-of-a-kind historic cast bells that need repair and the expertise that comes with decades of experience in repairing church bells properly. As they are subject to the abuse of weather extremes, church bells in exposed towers can require an overhaul every now and then but it's well worth the effort when the sound of bells can be heard pealing again!

McShane takes your bell through a seven-step process of being cleaned of all dirt and toxic Petina. The bell then goes through several steps of being buffed to a beautiful luster.

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