Cast Bells

When ordering a new bell from us, we work with you to carefully customize your bell or bells to your unique needs, whether the final destination is a church, university, cathedral or anything else you have in mind!

New Cast Bells

Whether it's one bell or five bells to play the Westminster chime and strike the hours to a large chime or even a carillon, we can help shape your project around your budget and specific ringing applications.

If you need a chime, we can help you determine how many bells you would need to reach the notes or tunes that you desire.

If you need a swinging bell or a stationary bell, we can design the frame or simply provide the bells you need. Each bell can be tuned to the proper note as well as inscribed with a name, logo, or special message.

We can also design a bell chime system to fit into the architectural needs of your building, landscape, or church if you don't have drawings already. With a fast pricing turn around, we can help turn your project from a drawing and turn it into reality. Let us give you a quote today!

Ready to start your custom bell project?

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