Cast Bells

When ordering a new bell from us, we work with you to carefully customize your bell or bells to your unique needs, whether the final destination is a church, university, cathedral or anything else you have in mind!

New Cast Bells

Whether it's one bell or five bells to play the Westminster chime and strike the hours to a large chime or even a carillon, we can help shape your project around your budget and specific ringing applications.

If you need a chime, we can help you determine how many bells you would need to reach the notes or tunes that you desire.

If you need a swinging bell or a stationary bell, we can design the frame or simply provide the bells you need. Each bell can be tuned to the proper note as well as inscribed with a name, logo, or special message.

We can also design a bell chime system to fit into the architectural needs of your building, landscape, or church if you don't have drawings already. With a fast pricing turn around, we can help turn your project from a drawing and turn it into reality. Let us give you a quote today!


Bells are often extremely heavy to ship and install. Our team of experts can ship your bell in the United States, North American, or worldwide!

Bell Installation Options

We offer beam-mounted bells, new swinging wheels with A frames, and a large diameter soft pulling yoke. For striking bells, we can provide internal or external bell strikers with optional onside installation. Take your bell installation a step further with controllers that can ring the hour strike or can be programmed and controlled through an app on your phone via our Apollo 3 controller.

Ready to start your custom bell project?

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