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Only the Best for Your Bell Tower

Bell towers are in investment. It doesn’t make sense to fill them with inferior bells. If you’re ready to put in big bells that will enhance your tower for years to come, talk to the pros at McShane Bell Company. We have been building the best bells for over 160 years.

New Cast Bells

You may already have some bells in your tower and want to round out the bottom. Or you may have an idea for a chime or carillon and need to build from the ground up. Either way, we can help you. We are experts at determining what bells you need to create the sound you desire.

Most bell towers have up to five bells while large towers can hold more than a dozen. No matter how many bells you have, it’s important to make sure they will harmonize well. That’s our job. Our custom-built large bells can be tuned perfectly to make a glorious chime. Some of our biggest bells include:

  • E2 at 16,000 pounds and 92″ diameter
  • G2 at 12,000 pounds and 83″ diameter
  • A-flat2 at 8,500 pounds and 75″ diameter
  • B-flat2 at 9,000 pounds and 71″ diameter

Bell Installation

Of course, in addition to custom-casting your bells, we will install them, too. We offer a variety of installations, such as swinging wheels with A-frames, soft pulling yoke, and beam-mounting.

We also handle striking bells, with either an internal or external striker. If you would like controllers for your strikers, we’ve got that, too. You can program the strikers to ring the hour and control them through an app on your smartphone.

You can always trust McShane Bell Company to take care of your bells. We perform maintenance and restoration on historic and modern bell towers alike.

Talk to us today about your bell tower plans. We’d love to hear from you.



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