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Why Your City, Park, Veterans Memorial Should Install a Bell Tower

Are you a mayor or outgoing community member of your local city or council? If so, you’re probably looking for unique ways to improve the aesthetic and community feel of your town. It can be hard to find affordable ways to help your town stand out from surrounding cities. Fortunately, installing custom bell tower or carillon is a great way to add a landmark to your city that will quickly become the talk of the town.

Benefits of Custom Bell Towers

There are various benefits custom bell towers can offer your city. Here are a few:

  • Improve the sense of community.
  • Provide a natural gathering place for activities, pictures, etc.
  • Help your city become a preferred destination for tourists who are attracted to unique city features.
  • Install a feature that will become a point of pride for your city for generations to come.

If you don’t want your city to be boring and you’re looking for long-lasting ways to garner more interest in your area, installing a carillon or a veterans memorial bell tower is a great solution. Your community members will love the look and sound of real bells.

Where To Get Your Bell Tower

There aren’t many places where you can get custom bell towers. Fortunately, you can rely on America’s bell specialists at McShane Bell Company to provide you with enrapturing bell tower designs. These bell towers honor the American tradition and can be made to your unique specifications. When you purchase a bell tower from McShane Bell Company, you can rest assured that your tower will be as unique as your city.

Improve Your City with One or More Bell Towers Today

Are you ready to improve the appearance, sound and sense of community in your city? Contact McShane Bell Company today to find out how you can order your city’s first custom bell tower with a single bell or carillon. Clocks can be incorporated into the design as well. We look forward to adding to the beauty and timeless appeal of your community!

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