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How To Choose a Custom Bell Company

Bell towers have been fixtures in places of religion, courthouses, town squares, and many other places for hundreds of years. Where once bells were rung by deacons or other important figures, these days may bells run automatically. Even so, custom bells and bell towers are still beautiful pieces of art in cities, towns, and villages around the world. If you’re building something that would benefit from this type of unique art, it’s important to choose the right bell company to work with.


Consider the History

Bell towers have such a rich history. If your tower has plenty of historical value but requires a new custom bell or bell parts to work properly, you want to work with a company that understands the need for historical preservation and that will be careful when working on your property.

Determine What You Need

Some companies only work with bells while others only work with the towers. If you need a custom bell as well as a custom tower to put it in, then you need a company that works with both. Look for a bell company that not only knows how to create aesthetically pleasing and beautifully sounding bells but also custom towers that can hold as many bells as you need them to. The towers themselves can be made of steel, wood,  and clad with brick, stone, or a range of other types of materials.

Think About Why You Need It

Do you want your bell to ring on the hour, play the Westminster chime, or play tunes, or will you use it only for special situations? This may determine whether you want the company you work with to provide specialized automation services as well. If you’ll only be ringing the bell for special occasions, then it’s possible to do so manually. However, on-the-hour chiming is better done with an automated system that ensures there are no mistakes and is always on time.

Above all else, look for a company that is licensed, insured, and has a strong reputation within the community. McShane Bell has been creating beautiful custom bells and bell towers since 1856. Allow us to help you create the project you envision.

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