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Customize Your Bell Tower

Bell towers are enjoying a renaissance on college campuses, parks, and other civic areas, such as town halls. Of course, churches have had their bell towers for centuries, playing an important role in their communities. McShane Bell Company has been providing custom-made bells since 1856. We’d love to craft bells for your project.

Big Bells are Beautiful

We make bells in all sizes and for all types of bell towers. While between one and five bells are most common for an average tower, large towers can hold a dozen or more. Whatever the number, it’s important to have custom-designed bells that harmonize beautifully.

McShane Bell takes pride in crafting large bells. These special bells are known as great bells and provide the foundation for your chime. Great bell sizes found in carillons and towers include the following:

  • 92 inches diameter, 16,000 pounds, pitch of E2
  • 83 inches diameter, 12,000 pounds, pitch of G2
  • 71 inches diameter, 9,000 pounds, pitch of Bb2
  • 75 inches diameter, 8,500 pounds, pitch of Ab2

These bells commonly serve as the Boudon or Tenor in the tower. They add a great deal of prestige and are often engraved with an inscription dedicating the bell to an important saint or community figure.

Continuous Care

Custom great bells need, and deserve, a little TLC. That’s why McShane provides service for these bells from beginning to end, such as:

  1. Designing and Planning. We’ll make sure your big bells have a proper home.
  2. We will install your bells and repair them as needed.
  3. Restoration and recycling. If your great bell has fallen into disrepair, we can restore it or recycle it into a new bell that will honor its legacy.

Are you ready for your big bell? Talk to the custom bell experts at McShane Bell Company to get started.



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