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Repairing History One Bell at a Time

McShane Bell Company has produced over 300,000 bells since our beginning in 1856. Chances are that you have heard the beautiful ringing of our bells found throughout the United States. When one of those bells hits a sour note, you can be sure that our professionals are on site to keep the bells swinging for one more century.

Our latest repair brought us all the way to the banks of the Yellowstone River in Miles City, Montana. The city’s newspaper, the Miles City Star, recently published a story highlighting our jaunt to Big Sky country. Sacred Heart Church called on McShane Bell Company to repair their historical church bell. This repair included replacement of the original frame and bell swinging motors. Technology now allows the bell to be operated through an app. The Sacred Heart Bell weighs 1,200 pounds. The bell and its yoke are still original. McShane Bell also installed one of our own creations at the church in 1986. You can read the full Miles City Star story here.

We’ve also repaired historic bells in our own backyard. In 2015, the beautiful St. Frances de Sales Oratory in St. Louis needed repairs to the assembly of its four bells ranging in size from 400 to 3000 pounds. The bells had remained silent for many years prior to the repair. Technology upgrades soon allowed the bells to be operated with a remote. Residents of south St. Louis immediately recognize the Gothic Revival architecture of the cathedral and its melodious ringing bells that announce mass at regular intervals. Check out the story from the St. Louis Post Dispatch about this bell and clock restoration.

You may have a historic bell that needs some repairs or upgrades. Maybe you would like to make your own history with a beautiful new cast bell from McShane Bell Company. We are the experts when it comes to everything bells. From centuries old bells to state-of-the-art automated bells, your project will be handled with the precision and quality you’d expect from a company with 165 years of experience. Choose McShane because we honor the tradition of bronze church bell casting, ringing peals, chimes and carillons for the ages. Call us today at 410-636-4390.

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