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Metals Used in Traditional Bell Casting

There is an unmistakable resonance that emanates from the ringing of a church bell. It’s melodious and lasting vibrations result from thousands of years of refinement. The earliest of large bells were cast in China from iron because of its abundance in the region. Cast iron is one of the hardest metals, and this makes […]

Bell Manufacturers in North America

Not all of the following foundries or companies cast bells or may be operating today: McShane Bell Company, Maryland Heights, Missouri Since the conception of the company in 1856, McShane Bell Foundry has been producing America’s finest church bells, ring peal, chimes and carillons the world has ever heard. Among our more famous handiwork are […]

19th Century Bell Restored After 1980 Fire

 “This is really nice. It’s meditative to ring a bell. Nice and chill.” –Christopher Powell, Director of Exhibitions and Public Programs at Temple Contemporary On September 4, 1980, the John B. Stetson Hat Factory in Philadelphia, PA went up in flames and burned to the ground. In the remains was the charred, 2500-pound clock tower […]

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